IPinator is not hiding my IP address

There are a few reasons why your IP may not been hidden while using the software, or that you are unable to browse with IPinator turned on. They are as follows :

1) A firewall or security program is stopping the program from hiding your IP. To fix this add ipinatorVPN.exe and ipenatorVPNsrv.exe to your security programs as an exception/authorized program.

2) You may have more than one IP hiding program installed. These typcially do not function well together. You should uninstall any other IP hiders in order to see if they are interfering.

3) You may be using a program in the PC tools family of programs such as Registry Mechanic or SpyWare Doctor. These programs interfere with IPinator and stop it from functioning correctly. There are free alternatives to these such as MalWareBytes (http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free) for a spyware tool, and Comodo System Cleaner (http://system-cleaner.comodo.com/) for a registry cleaner.


One of the above three issues causes 99.9% of problems with IP's not being hidden or not be able to browse. However, there are a few other reasons why you might not see your IP as hidden:

1. You did not delete your browser, Java, or Flash cookies before returning to a website that you visited with your real IP address.

- Clear all cookies from your browser, then delete your flash cookies by visiting Adobe's site here:

2. There are 2 (or more) versions of the software installed in your computer.

  • Uninstall any other "hide ip" software you may have

3. The computer was not restarted after the install.

  • You must restart the computer after installing IPinator

4. IPinator was activated when the browser was already running.

  • You must first start IPinator; have it find a faux IP address for you and then activate your browser

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